Finding my way back…

I know it has been about 2 years since I have published a new post here.  So much has happened in the break. A remodel on our previous house, then an unnecessarily dramatic (due to the buyer’s agent) selling of our property. Moved to our dream house where I kept dealing with health issues which included complications of diabetes and a surprise diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.

After dealing with so many years of death on the job, I was then facing the possibility of my own premature death. The pic of the PET scan image is mine. The cancer was in my neck, chest, and abdomen including my spleen, liver and colon.  Thankfully my cancer was a type that usually responds well to chemotherapy, and by the grace of God I am finally in remission.

I am now trying to find what a new normal is to me! I am working on a new blog piece about medications. I know medications isn’t as exciting as decomposition but it IS important to death investigations and a good place for me to get back into posting.