Hanging deaths: Suspicious, Suicide or Accidental?


What makes a death suspicious? Besides the obvious, like a knife in the back – some deaths can be quite questionable and not what they seem! Suicides for instance… Is there more than one mark on the neck in a hanging – what is the angle of the mark, does it match the ligature – how was the ligature tied or fastened? Does lividity and rigor mortis match the found position of the remains? When was the person last seen alive? Was there a recent altercation – physical or verbal? Are there scratch marks on the neck showing hesitation or resistance? Any defensive wounds? Any notes or recent verbal threats of suicide?

Did you know it takes much less pressure than suspected to “hang” or “suspend” in the terms of a ligature death. It can be as simple as tying a scarf or belt from a bathrobe to a door knob something similar, then put your head in the loop and lean forward so that your neck is on the loop.  The weight of your head and torso leaning forward can create enough pressure to suppress your ability to breath, causing asphyxiation. Often accidental hanging deaths happen during experimentation with autoerotic asphyxia.


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