DECOMPOSITION is the process of the body breaking down and decaying. This starts as soon as death occurs however it is not immediately visible. There are many factors in decomposition and the rate at which is occurs.  The location of the body is one main factor – is it inside or outside.  The temperature of the location is another big factor.  The hotter the location the faster the body will decompose.  The condition of the body is another factor. Whether the body muscular or obese will be a factor as fat will decompose at a different rate than muscle.   If the person/body is sick or damaged in some way in which air, moisture or insects (covered in the next post) will reach the organs faster than normal, can speed up the process.

This are screen shots from my teaching powerpoint,  It shows some of the variations of decomposition.

description of decompdecomp pic3deomp pic1

The majority of these photos were taken of decomposed bodies inside residences.  The one with the foot labeled “desiccation”  was of a body that had been inside a warm residence for at least 2 months before being found and was essentially closer to being mummified.  This is what you would normally see of remains left outside in the heat for a long period of time.


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